Atlanta Rap-From Outkast to Trap Music

Atlanta’s Finest Outkast to Modern Trap Music

Outkast – ATL’s Finest

Outkast created the lane for the new ATL rappers to shine in hip hop music. When Andre 3000 proclaimed, “The South got something to say” at the 1995 Source Awards, several hip hop heads credit that moment as being the shift when southern artists started to shine. Before Outkast, all of the rap music was coming from the West Coast: Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, N.W.A, Tupac, Suge Knight, etc., and the East Coast: Biggie Smalls, P. Diddy, Mase, etc. Everyone was used to hearing that specific type of rap, but Outkast came out doing things people weren’t doing before. They were infusing funk in their songs, and Andre 3000 was wearing bright and crazy outfits. People fell in love with it which caused them to win Best New Artist at the 1995 Source Awards. They actually were booed as they were accepting the award.

outkast to trap music

O.G. ATL Trap Music

After this award show people did start listening to what Atlanta artists had to say. In the early 2000’s, crunk music from the ATL blew up the charts. Trap Beats and Crunk Beats came on the scene and took the rap game by storm. Artists like Lil Jon and the East Side Boyz, Crime Mob, Ying Yang Twins, Lil Scrappy, and more exploded onto the music scene. Now, we have trap music from ATL artists such as Lil Yachty, Future, Migos, 2 Chainz, and 21 Savage taking over the charts. They owe their begining to Outkast, because people started listening to the South after Andre 3000 bravely said that. Atlanta rappers B.O.B, D4L, Ludacris, T.I., Migos, and Young Jeezy have had #1 songs during their career. Cee Lo Green, Lil Jon, and Shop Boyz have had #2 songs, proving that Atlanta is the capital of hip hop and trap music.

O.G. ATL Trap Music Rappers

New Trap Music

Lil Yachty made headlines when he first came out because he admitted to not listening to Biggie Smalls and Tupac. Everyone ridiculed him saying he didn’t know his hip hop history, and he should know because he’s a rapper and should respect the legends. He did give credit to the Atlanta Legends, saying that one of his influences was Outkast. Why would it be weird for an 18-year-old, at the time, to say he looks up to Outkast instead of Biggie Smalls? With them being from Atlanta, and seeing what they accomplished from being “weird” and different, why wouldn’t Lil Yachty look up to them as his idols instead of Pac and Biggie?

New Trap Music Lil Yachty

Final Thought

Andre 3000 has been laying low, but Big Boi (with several businesses on the side) just released (in my opinion) one of the best albums of the year. He just dropped Boomiverse to let us know he’s still King Of The South. Outkast was so popular because they never went with the trend, musically or fashion-wise. They were different, eclectic, and unapologetically themselves. Why shame Yachty for his bright red dreads, or Uzi Vert for his decision to wear women’s clothing, or Future for being “the leader of the mumble rap movement”? They’re all bringing something new, unique, and refreshing to the game. Just like the people that paved the way for them; Outkast.